Romanul canadian Thomas Ichim despre noua descoperire a "Stem Cell"

       "The cells can be easily extracted and you can make a lot of them with very simple technology. They work, because they have a natural function which is to make new blood vessels." said Thomas Ichim, CEO of MediStem

Guvernatorul Arnold Schwarzenegger felicita pe Thomas Ichim

Guvernatorul Arnold Schwarzenegger felicita pe Thomas Ichim pentru premierea lucrarii "Endometrial Regenerative Cells: A Novel Stem Cell Population" cu titlul de "Cea mai buna Publicatie a anului 2007"

       A published report in the Journal Of Translational Medicine said MediStem of San Diego was able to clone adult human stem cells from the menstrual blood of 27 women.
       These menstrual stem cells could offer several advantages. They come from a source that's easy to obtain from women, they could be used to treat patients without the fear of tissue rejection, and they avoid the ethical questions associated with embryonic stem cells.
       Thomas Ichim, Medistem's chief of scientific development, said the company is currently conducting animal studies to determine the potential of the stem cells for treating several human disorders, including diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Scrisoare de felicitare de la Guvernatorul Arnold Schwarzenegger

Scrisoare de felicitare din partea Guvernatorului Arnold Schwarzenegger

       "Menstrual stem cells could turn out to be a happy medium between embryonic and adult stem cells, providing an ethically acceptable alternative that is readily accessible and appears to give rise to most of the major tissue types in the body", said Ichim.        Experiments in lab dishes showed that under the right conditions, the menstrual stem cells could turn into more different tissue types - including bone, blood vessel, fat, brain, lung, liver, pancreas and heart - than other adult stem cells. The new stem cells also grow readily and rapidly, which is an important advantage because it is difficult to get some types of adult stem cells to give rise to enough cells to be of any medical value.

       Alexandru Tomescu

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